Technology Transfer Group

Technology Transfer Group is an agent for sales and management of international technology transfers. Technology transfers are sometimes achieved through the sale of a turn key technology and/or production facilities, including training and education of employees, and the rights to use proprietary technology. We are active internationally with projects from Indonesia, China, India, North America, and Europe.

Our activities focus on the fast growing technology of holography, optically variable imaging devices and various other techniques such as fluorescence, thermo chrominance, and even DNA. These are used in security, ticketing, verification labeling, and promotional market fields. Recent developments merging the world's best taggants and inks into digital printing systems creates a unique and low-cost opportunity to bring security into the track and trace system for manufactured goods of all kinds, particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry.

Forensic DNA Security Ink Videos:

Specialists in Security Printing Technologies;
Licensing, Joint Ventures, and Strategic Alliances.

Formed in 1995 by Wendell Smith, Cliff Angers and Fred Black, as a Division of Polestar Ltd., TTG has concentrated on licensing of technologies in the security printing field.

Holograms were, and still are, a key item in security printing; we managed several hologram projects in the first 3 years. Now, TTG has also found that many other new technologies are finding their way into this fast growing sector of the document security and product authentication field.

Today TTG represents 4 suppliers of technology. We have also worked with many other suppliers on an ad hoc basis to bring together the right combination of hardware and technology for the project at hand.

TTG's completed technology projects include two hologram origination and embossing licenses in Indonesia and one very large integrated hologram production system in China; reportedly the largest hologram technology "deal" ever. This project includes vacuum metalization equipment, hologram origination equipment, and hologram embossing and transfer equipment.

TTG has offered the technologies of several well known companies;

  • DNA Technogies
  • Light Impressions Ltd.
  • Globe Ticket and Label
  • Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
  • PhotoSecure Inc.
  • Verify First Technology
  • NovaVision Inc.

In addition, we have working relationships with several machinery suppliers for systems integration including printers, vision devices for inspection and code reading, label and box handling devices.

Security Printing Technologies
  • Security printing is one of the fastest growing specialty fields
  • Information technology is a surprising reason for some of this growth

What's New Technically

  • Computer generated holograms
  • On press embossing
  • No copy inks
  • Unique fluorescent dyes
  • DNA molecular taggants

Security Techniques

  • Digital Individualized Hologram
  • Secure Documents: KOPOUT ™
  • PhotoSecure: SmartDye ™ fluorescent Dyes
  • DNA Matrix™: molecular taggants

Technology Transfer Group
is an operating division of Polestar, Ltd., a Bermuda consulting corporation with worldwide interests. TTG is actively involved in identifying and managing international technology transfers. Technology transfers are usually achieved through the sale of a turn key production facility, training and education of employees, and the rights to use proprietary technology.

The services provided by Technology Transfer are:

  • Identification of end-user markets and buyers with special emphasis on China
  • Preparation of sales presentation materials
  • Negotiating and selling technology transfers
  • Assistance with parts list preparation and buying
  • Assistance with operating and training manual preparation
  • Assistance with training programs
  • Assistance with international shipping
  • Assistance with on-site installation and training
  • Letter of credit management
  • Management in an effective offshore banking environment

Identification of End-User Market and Buyers Emphasis on China

Technology Transfer's principals have managed projects in Europe and India with extensive experience throughout China. We have an unrivaled in-depth understanding of working in the Chinese marketplace. This experience is not limited to one geographic area or to one market segment. We have dealings in many different cities and provinces covering a majority of the economic growth section of China. This includes Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Tai An, Wuxi, Zhong shan, Fu Shan and Hong Kong.

We have experience in a wide range of product lines. Our first effort was in holography. In addition to holography we have worked in the printing, packaging, mushroom and printings accessories industries.

Through our wide range of personal contacts, our in-depth experience and our understanding of the Chinese culture we are able to prepare an accurate analysis of any market segment. This is not limited to segments already active in the Chinese economy. We are qualified to develop analyses of segments that are just emerging or are about to emerge.

The advantage to you is that TTG can do the legwork necessary to provide an opinion on how marketable your technology is before you invest your money and your management resources in working through the complicated and time consuming maze of foreign markets.

Preparation of Sales Presentation Materials

In addition to our international trade experience in China, Europe and India, Technology Transfer Group provides substantial business to business sales and marketing experience. TTG's principals provide many years of marketing communications experience in categories ranging from heavy equipment to sophisticated scientific systems, to packaged goods.

Technology Transfer developed the successful sales package behind the sale of eleven holography technology transfers. This package was developed based on our understanding of the amount of information that is necessary to sell a technology transfer. There is a balance between providing so much information that the technology is given away and not providing enough to convince the end-user that there is in fact a benefit to the technology being offered.

Additionally, TTG's principals provide many years of marketing communications experience in categories ranging from package goods to heavy equipment.

The advantage to you is that the sales materials you develop for selling your technology will be targeted, effectively balanced and highly productive.

Negotiating and Selling Technology Transfer Projects

Technology Transfer's principals have extensive worldwide experience negotiating contracts and selling complex concepts and products.

The step-by-step, often relentless, negotiating and selling process is usually the most difficult phase of any technology transfer. It is the phase most demanding of experience and understanding of the local culture and environment. This is particularly true in China where negotiating is much closer to an art and a cultural meeting of the minds than a science.

Many factors are always in play at the same time during negotiations. At the end of the day a deal is closed based on the amount of trust that can be built between the selling team and the end-user. It is difficult for the Chinese buyer to understand someone who comes from a place six thousand miles and fifteen time zones away. For the Chinese, doing business with a westerner is truly an act of faith.

Technology Transfer's negotiating skills give you the advantage of better pricing and higher margins. Almost equally important, you will have a contract that is structured to perform smoothly and an end-user who has faith in you. These last two elements will make the entire transfer work for you instead of against you.

Assistance With Parts List Preparation and Buying

Many proprietary systems were built over several years and frequently the steps and nuances involved are not well documented. Additionally, a technology transfer can involve literally hundreds of thousands of parts.

TTG has developed the administrative skills necessary to solve the complex issue of parts list development and efficient buying.

The advantage to you is a well organized parts system and a higher overall margin on the transfer.

Assistance With Operating and Training Manual Preparation

The operating and training manual are physical proof to your end-user that they have received value for the money they have paid. These manuals contribute to the critical element of building faith. They also serve the practical purpose of allowing your customer to be able to work well with your technology.

Having managed the development of several operating and training manuals for complex technical systems, the Technology Transfer Group is ideally suited to be of assistance in this area. Specifically, we will work with your technical people and, if need be, technical writers to develop outlines for the manuals and provide final editing services.

The advantage to you is the smooth development of the manual writing process and a better relationship with your end-user.

Assistance With Training Programs

The training program in your facility can be difficult and disruptive. To the end-user, the training is probably the most important part of the transfer.

With proper planning and use of TTG's extensive experience in this area the training program will run smoothly. The end-user will have learned what they need to run a successful operation and your staff have benefited from the teaching process. In many cases we find the trainees, because of their technical backgrounds, actually make a contribution with new ideas and suggested improvements in the process.

Assistance With International Shipping

While certainly not the most complex problem you will face, international shipping can be difficult to manage. There is always an opportunity to save money and headaches on the shipping process. Technology Transfer has managed the shipment of millions of dollars of equipment all over the world. We understand the nuances.

More important than the actual shipping is shipping the correct parts. With potentially hundreds of thousands of parts involve, the management of receiving, checking and shipping is a crucial element in the transfer process. If the installation has the wrong parts or parts are missing the process can grind to a halt. TTG has developed the skills necessary to eliminate these problems.

The advantage to you is that Technology Transfer eliminates the problems of international shipping and reduces costs.

Assistance With On-site Installation and Training

Like the training in your facility, the installation and training at the end-user's facility are very important elements in the process of the transfer.

Proper planning is a key element. Even more important, however, is the selection of the engineers to do the installation and training. There is no end to the problems and frustrations encountered in doing a turn key installation in a foreign country, especially China. If the proper people are assigned all these problems can be handled.

Our experience in sending many different groups of Americans to China allows us to provide valuable assistance in the process of selecting and training engineers for the on-site project. We have learned through experience what personality traits and what psychological profiles lead to a successful transfer and which can lead to a disaster.

This gives you the advantage of a satisfied customer and happier employees.

Letters of Credit Management

Like international shipping, letter of credit management is not new technology. However, if not managed properly, long delays in payment can occur. If not set up properly in the negotiating stage long delays are built into the process.

The advantage to you of our letter of credit experience is that you will receive your money sooner. This will make the financing of the equipment easier and less costly.

Global Management Bermuda

Technology Transfer Group is established in Bermuda, a stable and proven international center for intellectual property activities.

Bermuda's legal, financial, and tax structure provides an effective environment for international transactions. The island nation is part of a UK financial and legal system and is well equipped with communication, computer systems, accounting, and tax advantaged business environment.

Our parent, Polestar Ltd., has been organized here since 1987 and has the contacts in Bermuda and the US and many countries around the world to facilitate successful technology transfers globally.

TTG can manage an entire transfer project for you from start to finish or it can provide highly focused consulting services for any phase of the process. In any event, TTG's expertise in the field of managing technology transfer will result in a more effective technology transfer and increase your profit from the transaction.