Welcome to Polestar LTD

We are dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit and have most often been involved in startup business ventures and technology license agreements. Our consultant / investors have a variety of backgrounds that may apply to your field of business, particularly if it has to do with international activity in the areas of security printing using forensic DNA markings, publishing, graphic arts, and fine Arts. Consulting specialties also include renewable energies including wind power and hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Recent News
Forensic Security Inks for Track and Trace, Supply Chain, and User Authentication
Slide show presentation from
Systech Uniquity Conference.
November 2015
US Open Tennis Balls Authenticated with DNA Matrix™ - Our security marking technology showcased at US Open Tennis Championships.
September 13, 2012
From DNA Anti-counterfeiting Marks to the Ideal Supply Chain Management System
Slide show presentation from
The 9th Annual IMI Security Printing Technology Conference.
November 2012

Polestar LTD LLC is an international investment and advisory firm, began as consultants in 1980. We place seed capital and work with investors and managers of companies by networking to find capital, ideas and connections to bring services and products of new ventures to successful fruition. Activities and service include consulting on marketing, finance, tax, acquisition, merger and long range planning.

Technology Transfer Group, a division of Polestar LTD, is an agent for sales and management of international technology transfers. Our activities focus on the fast growing technology of holography, optically variable imaging devices and various other techniques such as fluorescence, thermo chrominance, and even DNA. We are active internationally with projects from Indonesia, China, India, North America, and Europe.

DNA Technologies
, a division of Polestar LTD, presents a unique anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solution to the marketplace through its combination of synthetic, DNA-laced security markers.